Company Formation in Romania

Have you ever thought about starting a business in Romania? Would you like to pay lower taxes in Eastern Europe? We can offer you a solution: form your Limited Liability Company in Romania. Our taxes are much lower than in other parts of the European Union. When we create your company, only one visit from you is necessary in order to sign the official documents here. Our accountant will keep costs as low as possible.

Full service company creation. Please email us for more information on incorporation.

   VAT Ready Made Romanian Company with Bank Account!

Get your romanian VAT-registered Ready-Made LLC in 2 weeks. Only 4.900 EUR Contact US HERE

Also, if you're planning on purchasing real estate in Eastern Europe, we will help you find your dream house or property. Email us with your requirements, and we'll find the right property for you in Romania. Visit us in Transylvania, and survey the hundreds of available properties in Romania. You might not be aware of the fact that currently, private investors who are not Romanian citizens are not eligible to purchase real estate in Romania. Limited Liability Companies, however, are able to purchase property. Company registration in  Romania
We can help you create a Limited Liability Company here to facilitate your real estate purchase. Company formation Romania

          Company formation Romania - Company registration Romania

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