Offshore banking in Europe

Are you looking for banks, that don't give out your personal data, your account information to the American authorities? You have found it! In Romania there are bank institutions, that keep your bank secrets, because they didn't subscribe with the IRS a compact, that would obligate them to  announce them in case a foreigner opens here a bank account.
Our company is specialized to create LTD's for foreign investors, but a lot of businessmen asked us to help them open in Romania a bank account.
The offshore banking in Europe has been since september 2009 part of our services, we help you find in Romania a W9 free bank.

                      W9 free bank

Since autumn 2009 banks in Switzerland don't keep the bank secrets any more, and they inform the American IRS, when a US citizen opens in one of Switzerland's banks an account, or already has one. The clients of these banks have to fill out the W9 form, that means, that the institute announces the American authorities. Since the introduction of the W9 form the clients of Switzerland's banks are looking for other banks in Europe, that don't inform the IRS. Offshore banking in Europe
Such a state is Romania, where there are a lot of non W9 banks, our company helps you open here a secure bank account.
If you don't trust the swiss banks any more, choose a Romanian W9 free bank.
Our team will help you choose the right bank institute, we'll go with you to the bank, and an authorized translator will help you fill out the account opening documents.

The cost of this service is 300 euro. We will go with you to the bank second time too, when you come back to get your card and online banking passwords.  We still can offer Drink Ing Potable water for sale from Europe.

Our seat is in Oradea, in the western part of Romania, you can come here with the airplain. Reserve your fly tickets here, and hotel room here
Offshore banking Europe - the ideal W9 free bank solution for businessmen, who take care of their money... Company formation and registration in Romania
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