Company formation in Bucharest

Our agency provides customers the possibility to found their companies in Romania, without having to travel to Romania. In order to achieve this, the only necessary thing to do is sending a power of attorney to our agency, upon which our colleague in charge will establish the desired company-form, will procure the VAT number as well and we shall also open a bank account for your business.

Company formation in Romania with Power of Attorney

Important Details! This means that our clients will not have to travel all the way to Romania in order to sign the documentation for the founding of their companies. It is perfectly satisfactory if they send back to us the power of attorney form they received from us and which they signed in the presence of a notary public of their own country. Endowed with the notary public’s authentication, followed by the procurement of an apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention, (non-signing countries of the Hague Convention will provide the power of attorney with the over-certification of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Justice), the client will send the power of attorney right back to us. Upon this document we shall book the desired company. Company formation in Romania without travelling to Romania! Virtual Office Bucharest.

In this case, we shall transmit to the client the articles of incorporation via e-mail, so that he prints- and signs them. Additionally, we shall send the client via e-mail the bank account opening contract as well. These being signed and subsequently retransmitted to us, we shall open the company’s bank account. The first step to be made in this respect is the booking of the company’s denomination. We fulfill this by booking at the Registry Court one of the 5-6 possibilities you communicate to us. (Please, be aware to suggest longer company denominations, due to the fact that a 4-lettered variance must be achieved in comparison to an already existing company name.)

If this is accomplished, we send the power of attorney to the client, which he/ she fills in with his/ her personal data, including the denomination of the company to be found. The power of attorney we send our clients is drawn up in the English language, whereas the authenticated document must also be drawn up in the English language and sent back to us as such. Within the signing countries of the Hague Convention, the powers of attorney must be subsequently apostilled. Non-signing countries of the Hague Convention must over-certify the documents either by the seal of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs or that of the Ministry of Justice. The Romanian Registry Court will only accept powers of attorney endowed by such over-certifications and allows us only upon such to found our client’s company. Bucharest company registration and formation, company incorporation in Europe, Romania with POA (Power of Attorney)

Clients, originating from member European Union countries, will only have to present a copy of their identification card. Non EU member country clients will additionally present the scanned copy of their passport as well, sending them both to our office.

Virtual Office in Bucharest or Oradea?

There is the possibility of either founding your company in Oradea – a large city in the Western part of Romania – or in Bucharest – Romania’s capital city. The actual company founding tariffs are equal in both cities. The only differing aspect is the tariff for the virtual office. The monthly virtual office rent sums EUR 40,- in Oradea and a 12-month advance payment must be provided by company founding. On the other hand, the monthly virtual office rent adds up to EUR 50 in Bucharest and a 12-month advance payment must be provided by company founding. Clients should choose exactly the business activity code, that will express the main activity domain of their company and should point out a few secondary activities as well. In addition to the chosen company denominations and the NACE codes, please do scan your identification card and passport and send them to our office. Bucharest virtual Office.

It is the case of some countries, where the address is not listed on either the identification card, or in the passport. If so, please do scan the authenticated English translation of an official document attesting your address. The powers of attorney should be sent to us by post in their original form. There are two types of powers of attorney: while the one refers to a unipersonal company, the other one refers to a multi-personal firm. Due to this duality, please always specify in your letters the number of owners of the future company and the location where you would like to have it registered, i.e. Bucharest or Oradea. Please, DO NOT alter the text of the powers of attorney, but just send them back to us, filled out with your personal information. Your company shall be founded within two weeks. A week after, the VAT number of your newly founded company will become active. We shall send you the ready documentation by post, in the form of a registered letter. Company registration, formation Bucharest- virtual office, Romania

We can register your company in several large cities, such as Bucharest, Oradea, Satu Mare or Cluj-Napoca. Oradea offers amongst these cities the most inexpensive tariffs regarding the virtual office (Romania) for your company. It only costs EUR 40,- per month and by company founding the client is only ought to make a 3-month advance payment. The service for the company’s virtual office in Bucharest adds up to EUR 50,- per month and by company formation in Bucharest a 12-month down-payment is ought to be made. Considering these facts, Bucharest is ought to be chosen, therefore, especially and particularly for strategic objectives. Bucharest Virtual Office Romania

There are numerous interested clients, coming from countries needing a visa in order to enter Romania, she being a member of the European Union. In this case it is advisable to resort to our online company-formation in Romania service, through which we are able to found the desired company for our customers upon a power of attorney. After receiving the original company documentation, our customers may apply - via this documentation - at the Romanian embassy in their own country for the Romanian visa. The embassy, more likely, will demand a hotel reservation attesting document. Naturally, we shall attach the reservation attesting document to the company documentation.

Starting from the viewpoint that our customer now owns a Romanian company, thus he became an official juridical person and most likely he/ she will receive the visa business card. As a second possibility, the company owner can employ him-/herself in the company and thus he/ she may also apply for a work visa. Naturally, we offer our support also in this regard. In our experience, the most advisable visa type, to be applying for at the embassy, is the business visa. For detailed information regarding the visa-receiving criteria, please contact the website of the Romanian embassy within your country. Company formation and incorporation in Romania, Europe (Eu) with Power of Attorney. Businesses for sale in Berlin, Germany

Our partner lawyer-company handles also business relationship-development and may help our customers to get acquainted with such Romanian companies, upon which they may develop business relationships. As a result of this, the newly contacted partner may even send our foreign customers a business invitation, which in some countries represents the basic criteria for the positive judgment of the visa-application. As of March 2011, Romania will become a member of the Schengen-zone, therefore, the Romanian visa will assure free transit into Schengen zone member countries.

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