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Do you want to expand your business in Eastern Europe? Do you want to set up your own company in Romania to enjoy the advantages of cheap labor and low taxation? If you don't know how or where to start, contact us with confidence. We will handle all the bureaucracy on your behalf. We offer fast and precise administrative assistance to our clients. If you contract us to set up your Ltd. in Romania, we can have all necessary documents sent to you for your brand new company with European fiscal code (VAT Number) and with two stamps within ten workdays (or as little as three days with express service). You have to travel to Romania only once in order to set up your company, or not even once if you send us an official authorization signed by a notary.

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In some regions of Romania, large foreign investment firms enjoy tax exemption. Some of these regions are located in our area, Bihor county. Our expert economists can provide you with further information about the possibilities Company formation in Romania

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What type of businesses exist in Romania? Company registration Iin Romania, you can choose from many types of businesses according to your needs. You pay tax on your profit. If you pay tax on your profit, you'll have to pay 16% tax on your pure profit after all costs and expenses have been deducted Company registration in Romania. In either case, you can decide whether your company will pay VAT or not. Here, in Romania the VAT is 19%. Company registration Romania You can be VAT free until your annual income reaches €65.000. In summary, your choices are:

1. Pay tax after profit + VAT-payer

profit tax = 16%

2. Pay tax after profit + VAT-free

VAT 19%

Dividend tax = 16%

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Set up romanian company, Incorporation in Romania After we have received all the necessary information from you (copy of ID card, postal address, NACE codes and 5-6 company names) our expert economist will compile the article of incorporation, will reserve the company name and prepare all documents that have to be signed. A day after we received all the necessary data (or maybe on the same day), you can come to Oradea to sign the article of incorporation in the notary's office. Start business in Romania Throughout this process -the company formation in Romania- we'll provide you with an English interpreter who will help you at the notary, in the bank and will translate all the documents you have to sign The company resgistration and formation in Romania is the best way to start business in Romania. We'll need about 20 minutes at the notary's office. After that, we'll go on to the Bank to deposit the capital stock, which is €60. The whole process should take no longer than an hour and a half. Then our administrators will handle all the bureaucratic matters related to your company formation, submitting your documents to the appropriate offices. Ten workdays later, you will receive all the paperwork you need to start operating your company. If you want to shorten this time, an expedited procedure exists for romanian company formation, requiring only three days. Our administrative staff will also open a corporate account for you, and from that point on, your clients can make transfers to your Romanian bank account Start business in Romania open company, open business in Romania. The only thing you have to do in person is to take possession of your pin codes and bank cards from the bank. Company registration and formation Romania During your stay, our expert economist will update you on the Romanian tax system and will provide you with tax advice Romanian company formation.

Romanian company (LTD) formation

Foreign citizens, as a group or even a single person, are eligible to set up a company in Romania. Incorporate company in Romania. You can always ask us to find an office that more closely corresponds with your needs. If you are in need of labor after forming your Romanian company, we can help you find the right professionals and, of course, you can always contact us with confidence if you have any other requests. We will suggest an accountant to you, who will represent your company and will handle your company`s finances. Romanian minimum wage is €150 per month, after wages there is a 60% of contribution, this means that the employer have to pay 35% and the worker 25%. Company formation Romania, in the eastern part of Europe. Romania Company Formation Bihor county is an outstanding area in Romania, because it has a lot of zones where investors can enjoy tax benefits if they create workplaces. When you choose your company name, please note the following; Company names cannot contain initials (ex. M&M), accentuated letters, numbers, you are not allowed to use the word 'Romania' in your company name, also you may use English names but only within reason. You should have many versions (minimum five), in case the registration office will reject one or two of them. Please avoid company names that contains only 3-4 letters, as there must be a difference of two letters between an existing/registered company name and your chosen company name . Your company will be registered in Oradea, Bihor county, or in Bucharest, the capital of the country. The city is 10kms from the Hungarian border, at an ideal economical and geographical location to set up your new venture. The city's population exceeds 200.000. Bihor county is a highly developed area in Romania, numerous foreign investors have businesses here to enjoy the cheap labor and tax benefits. Company registration in Romania, start your business in East-Europe.

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Why start a business in Romania? Because the country has been part of the European Union since 2007, adhering to all guidelines and regulations while offering one of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe. Company formation Romania, the new possibility. You can choose between different types of companies before the company registration in Romania. The simplest and least expensive being a limited liablity partnership, the SRL in Romanian. You can form a limited liablity partnership with a minimal share capital (about 60 Euro). Applicable taxes for these types of companies are also very low. For a limited liablity partnership in Romania you must distinguish between several sub-types, meaning that you can choose the way you want to pay your taxes. You can choose the profit tax (you will have to pay 16% of profits in tax), or you can choose the income tax (you will have to pay 3% of your total income). Set up company in Romania, and begin your business in this country.  Limited formation in Romania The value added tax (VAT) is 19% in Romania. Before setting up your romanian company, you have the option to choose whether or not you want to pay VAT. Until your limited liability partnership reaches an income of 35.000 Euros, it can function as non VAT payer. After you reached the amount of 35.000 Euros you will automatically become a member of the VAT tax payers. Both types have their advantages. These numbers speak for themselves; it is worth to invest in a Romanian company. Start business in Romania! Set up romanian company, NOW, and make business here. Starting a business in Romania is ideal for those entrepeneurs who want to reduce their tax expenses and manage their businesses in Eastern Europe. Establishing your business in Romania is also a good idea if you intend to extend your business circle. Lots of companies conduct business in Romania because they want to profit from the low costs. Here, you can hire highly trained professionals inexpensively. While you would pay an employee in Western Europe more than 1000 Euros/ month, you can hire an employee here for only 200 Euros. Of course, wages depend on education level, etc. but you can still hire a highly educated workforce for 400-500 Euros per month. The minimum wage in Romania is 150 Euro per month. Romanian company formation, because this is a country with 22 millions people. We'll help you find the right employees, keeping in mind that you don't speak the logal language. At your request, we can find employees who you speak your language Set up a Romanian Company! Your cost, including all fees and share capital, will be 999 Euros for a fully functioning legal business in Romania. You will receive language help at the public notary through a certified translator who will translate the certified documents into your language so you know what you sign Company formation Romania

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After we agree on a deadline, we will register your romanian company in a single day. We will prepare the required documents beforehand so you'll only have to sign the prepared documents at the public notary and at the commercial court. After this, we will deposit the share capital (60 Euro) in a Romanian bank. The whole romanian company formation procedure takes 1 to 2 hours. You will be able to return home on the same day after start business in Romania. Finalizing your company registration in Romania takes 2 weeks maximum after you signed the required documents. If you need the company as quickly as possible, we can do it for you in 3 days with an expedited procedure Ltd formation in Romania. We are situated in the western part of the country. Your company will be registered in Oradea, Bihor County. This city has approximately 210.000 inhabitants, and lies near the Hungarian border. The city has an airport for your convenience. If you want to form your company in another city, we will help you to relocate, or you could have the headquarters of the company in Oradea (you rent a virtual office here and hire an accountant) and you would announce a branch office at the Commercial Court. We will do all the administrative work for you. Company formation in Romania, incorporate romanian company Accounting services and the registration of your office are much cheaper in our city than in other cities in the region. Your newly registered company can start business in any Romanian county because it has a Romanian company registration number. If you want to offer your services in other counties, you will only need a branch office that we will register at the commercial court. Here you find the list of countries, with whom Romania had signed a double taxation prevention agreement: Double Taxation Prevention List Company formation Romania Further information about our prices and about setting up a company in Romania, company registration Romania.